SUM and Endominance work hand-in-hand to provide scientific solutions across industries, from business professionals to healthcare providers.

SUM and Endominance may be two different companies – but they have a shared mission: To help individuals grow their awareness of their aptitudes, understand the “why” behind who they are, and unlock their full potential.

Both SUM and Endominance use the same science-based assessment (COSEC) to unlock the potential for greater personal and professional success by showing people not only who they are, but how and why.

Where SUM focuses on helping individuals find the perfect fit for their personal and professional lives, Endominance works hand-in-hand with the healthcare industry to quantify cognitive data for use in research in SUD/addiction recovery. SUM is not only a toolkit for team building, it is also used to gather control data to be utilized in clinical healthcare settings.

SUM and Endominance NEVER include your personal information and, as a commitment to your privacy, we will never share your data with a third party.

Besides a shared mission, Endominance and SUM use the COSEC assessment to reveal a person’s cognitive traits to figure out who inherent and environmental factors contribute to the brain and behavior.

The COSEC assessment is based on our PCB Model, which explains how perception, conception, and behavior come together to paint a more defined picture of an individual’s personality. Together, SUM and Endominance are partnered with experts and thought leaders to work on inspiring whole-person healthcare projects to promote healthier lifestyles.