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Report Images

You may use these images of our reports, with attribution and a link to our website.

COBI Report

Used for:

  • Personal use
  • General users
  • Life coaches to assist their clients

SELC Report

Used for:

  • Students 13 and older
  • High school students selecting a major
  • College students selecting or changing a major
  • High school or college students deciding on a career
  • Graduate students deciding on a career
  • Schools to measure SEL competencies

PIC Report

Used for:

  • Businesses when hiring a new employee
  • Businesses during employee reviews
  • Recruiters when hiring
  • HR consultants during the hiring process
  • Businesses during internal mobility sessions
  • Businesses during team building
  • Individuals for career aptitude
  • Career coaches to advise individuals for career aptitude