How strong are your love work friend relationships?

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Improving your personal and professional relationships has never been easier! With our science-based tool, easy-to-use platform, and custom reports you can measure your social stress, relationship stress, and team compatibility helping you:

  • Understand yourself, so you can better understand others

  • Navigate your relationships

  • Build communities and better teams

That’s disruptive innovation. That’s SUM.

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A simple-to use platform with revolutionary results

The world has changed. It’s time personality tests did too.

SUM is a revolutionary platform that helps you understand yourself and your relationship with others.

COSEC, our cognitive science-based tool, creates individualized real-time reports for you and maps out your dynamics with anyone – anywhere.

Whether you’re a student, employee, or part of a family – everyone works in teams. With SUM, you’ll be able to see your 1:1 compatibility with others as well as working dynamics within any team.

Simple and clean look. The content is accurate for me and I could see how this type of information would be helpful to managers and team leads.
- Anonymous User
SUM gives you an insight into your team members, and into potential hires. It helps you be a better manager and leader, because you have an understanding and perspective that would be impossible to have otherwise.
- D. Thomas

How does SUM work?

Quick, easy assessment

Short, sweet, and to the point

Our assessment is fast and easy, with most completing it in seven minutes or less. Once you are finished, the results are ready instantly, in an easy-to-read and downloadable PDF. Best of all, the assessment is always free to take!

How well do you know yourself?

Our assessment will give you an in-depth understanding of your behavior by breaking down the how and why of your actions and reactions. You will receive a brief summary of your strengths, challenges, and preferences. Within your report, you will discover the sources of your social stress to improve your self-awareness, helping you to develop ways to mitigate your stress and better understand your actions. Getting to know yourself is key to understanding others.

The COBI Report is the next step to gain more insight into your social tendencies and potential.


Connect to reconnect

With SUM, you can add personal and professional connections to see how you interact with others. Communication is essential for building stronger bonds and better relations with your community. SUM calculates your compatibility reports for each of your connections and gives you tips and insights to improve communication.

Sample room

Looking for a new way to bring your team together?

We know that when people understand each other, they function more effectively and generate better outcomes.

Our Team Rooms give you an at-a-glance visual of the dynamics between any group of people. The real-time analytics adjust to each member of your group and help you understand how your group cooperates.

Whether you are a group of students, employees, or just want to get to know yourselves better, your team will be able to:

Make sure your teammates are a good fit

  • Bring balance to your team

  • Mitigate stress brought about by incompatibility

  • Foster team communication and collaboration

  • Keep your team together

  • Increase team productivity

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