These last couple of years have put a lot of things on hold for most of us, like finding a new job, going to school, vacations, and social gatherings. How have these things impacted the way we find romantic compatibility? In the age of the internet, online dating has become more and more common, with around 40% of adults stating that they met their current partner online before meeting them in person. But the pandemic has put a damper on how we meet in person. This can be altogether discouraging for those looking for meaningful connections with people.

But there’s good news! While the pandemic has limited our ability to move freely outside our homes, some studies have found that people are getting more honest and open about themselves online. While it always remains true that we should remain cautious about who we speak with and what we speak about, there has been an undeniable shift towards being authentic. People are more open about who they are, what their expectations in a relationship may be, and clear what their personal boundaries look like.

So, what does this exactly mean for dating in the age of (and hopefully after) Covid? This means that meaningful connections can be made anywhere, even online! The key is being your true and authentic self. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Find what brings you joy¬†– Being around those who make us happy and engaging in activities that you love is a great way to bring out the true you. The more you allow yourself to do these things, the more you will see your true self emerge.
  • Understand your priorities – Emphasis on your. If you find yourself constantly worried about everyone else’s wellbeing, you might not be able to see your true self. You can still help others, but keep in mind your own goals and your boundaries.
  • Face your fears – Well, at least recognize them to start. Knowing these fears will help you be open about what you don’t want, especially in relationships. Creating healthy boundaries early on can help you and your potential partners grow a meaningful bond.
  • Cut yourself some slack – This isn’t like flipping a light switch. Be kind and patient with yourself while you are on this journey of self-reflection. Most importantly, learn to love yourself, flaws and all.

Putting yourself out there can seem a lot more intimidating now than ever before, but with a bit of help and practice, taking that first step doesn’t have to be so scary. SUM has developed a unique way to discover parts of your authentic self and a formula for understanding essential traits that compose our compatibility with one another. Things like communication style, how we react in certain situations, and what environments we best thrive in will show us components of forming a meaningful and compatible relationship.

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