The pandemic has certainly opened people up to a lot more home improvement activities; remodeling, renovating, and decorating their spaces to make quarantine a little bit more comfortable. One activity that has gained a lot of traction is horticulture. While most retail businesses saw a loss during this last year, gardening supplies saw a significant rise. Tending to plants, both indoor and outdoor not only beautifies the environment around you, but it has a lot of therapeutic elements to it, as well.

As a society, our collective mental well-being has been pushed to the limits. There is a need to create something to help ease the pressure of not just day-to-day life, but also the added new stresses of living in a not-so-familiar world filled with new routines. Gardening has been a feature attraction for those looking to take some control back in their lives and treat their mind and body more holistically. With gardening, you can create a space all of your own and fill it with something living and growing. Beautiful flowers, everlasting air plants, and succulents, butterfly waystations, vegetable gardens, and hydroponics; the possibilities are endless and stretch as far as your imagination will take you.

Countless studies have shown both the physical and mental benefits of gardening, including a boost in productivity in the workplace when plants are present. Having a small indoor oasis of plants can boost your morale, decrease stress, and even help you heal faster. You don’t need to have an incredibly green thumb, either. There is a variety of easy to care for, practically unkillable plants that are perfect for any size space you have. You don’t have to invest a lot into starting your indoor garden; a small stand or even that tiny empty space on your desk will be perfect for adding a little greenery to your life.

Being outdoors and being in nature has many benefits to your mental wellbeing and overall physical health. Even the smallest outdoor garden is a great way of bringing some nature into your space, and regular outdoor activity will help you be more active. If you’re new to gardening, start small and make a plan. What kind of plants do you want? What kind of supplies do you have and what type of environment do you have for your new plants? Be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too many tasks, you’ve probably already got a lot on your plate, so make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew with your new hobby.

Focusing on your mental wellbeing, especially now, is vital to living a healthy and productive life. Technological advances have even made it possible for us to work on our mental health and wellness no matter where we are. But where we call home is a sacred space and getting back to our roots, so to say, could just be the solution for you to help you destress and unwind. Bring some nature to your home and let gardening grow on you.

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