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Whether you’re a student searching for academic development, an employee looking to develop their career, or just curious about knowing who you are on a deeper level, SUM offers you comprehensive reports and platforms that uncover your personal traits and behaviors based on your cognitive orientation. Our premium reports give you the tools you need to navigate your path in life.

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COBI Report 

Your Personal Report

Your COBI (Cognitive Orientation Behavior Inventory) personal report holds the key to unlock the mysteries of your mind in a matter of minutes. Our innovative approach digs deep to uncover the details of your personality and behavior. You can reach a new level of understanding by taking our science-based assessment to discover your true potential.

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PIC Report

Your Career Development Report

Our PIC (Performance, Interpersonal, and Challenges) Report helps people with stress in the workplace to identify the causes and sources of their stress and mitigate it. The PIC Report helps employees improve their overall workplace mental health. The report offers an in-depth view of your performance and interpersonal styles in the workplace. 

The PIC Report is also perfect for job seekers – your report highlights your strengths and leadership styles. Try including a copy with your next resume to let potential employers you mean business.

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SELC Report 

Your Academic Development Report

The SELC (Social-Emotional Learning Competence) Report helps students understand how the environment affects their mental health and builds a stronger foundation for social and emotional learning. Our scientifically valid and accurate report assesses cognitive and behavioral traits while also pinpointing students’ academic compatibility and aptitude.

Our SELC Report helps students and parents understand individual learning styles, social tendencies, and academic potential quickly and easily, giving them a boost in the right direction on their scholastic path toward their future.

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WMW Mockup
WMW Report

Workplace Mental Wellness Report – Coming Soon

Stress can come from anywhere, and how much and what type you may experience depends on how you see the world and the ways you process what you see.

Our WMW (Workplace Mental Wellness) Report lets you understand the types of stress you are most likely to experience and where it comes from, helping you to mitigate the stressors in your life.

Developed for employees, HR, CEOs, career coaches, and team leaders

    Our Platform

    Our Social Stress Measure Platform


    SUM is an easy-to-use app that helps people achieve new levels of self-actualization by helping them understand not only who they are and how they behave, but why. The app not only offers a personal assessment – it includes a unique two-way social compatibility measure and a team dynamics summary for more complex social groups. Once you understand the causes behind personal traits, you can:

    • Gain insight into personality traits and aptitude
    •  Understand social compatibility from both perspectives
    •  Ease relationship tensions and conflict
    •  Help teams work together more effectively
    •  Foster communication and collaboration
    •  Identify stressors and mitigate them

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