So, you have decided to start applying for jobs. Great! You already know what type of work you are looking for, level of flexibility, wages, etc. But have you stopped to think about what these employers are looking for in their potential employees? While there are many personal attributes and skills that are desirable in the workplace, the main three qualities employers seek out are your ability to do the job, your desire to do the job, and what you will add to the team.


There are different levels of the required ability for any job. Some employers offer job training, while others expect their candidates to carry out the position immediately upon hire. This is an essential factor to consider when applying. What kind of training or education background do you have, and will it be enough? Will you be able to demonstrate these skills upon request? Also, keep in mind that entry-level doesn’t necessarily mean no skill is needed. When researching jobs you are applying for, look into the job description and see how you can use it to the skills and characteristics you already have. For example, if the job description states, “Answer high volume of phone calls, take messages, schedules meetings, and office personnel,” what kind of skills could you list? Suppose you have the characteristics to multitask, work in a fast-paced environment and work well under pressure. In that case, you can state how those skills will help you in this position.


Your desire to do the job required is usually measured in past experience. The employer wants to see how you have handled similar situations in the past and your track record for doing the job. This part can be a little tricky with limited experience, but it is possible to prove your will to do a job. Personal experiences can always be provided to explain how you have handled situations in the past and at what level you accomplish your goals. You can also provide personal references from previous employers, college professors, or volunteer work that detail your work ethic and will to get the job done. Above all, be forward about why you want to work at the company. What is your overall motivation to keep you moving forward professionally?

What You Will Add to the Team

This is the fun part; your chance to add your own flair and what sets you apart from the other candidates. The trick is to align those personal attributes to something that will be an asset to the team. There are so many characteristics that make you who you are. Find those unique qualities that will win over the employer. Some of the top attributes that employers seek out are communication skills, flexibility, loyalty, self-motivated, reliability, work well with others, organizational skills, the list goes on. It is one thing to say, “I’m reliable, motivated, etc.,” but employers know we are not perfect, nor are we robots. Make sure to include areas that you find challenging but are motivated to improve those areas. Don’t just tell them what you think they want to hear. Be yourself and be genuine with every piece of information you provide them.

Make Your Move

Now that you have a road map to what employers want in their potential employees, it’s time to get to know yourself. Our PIC (Performance, Interpersonal, and Challenges) Report is specifically designed to help you understand yourself and give your potential employer a snapshot of what to expect from you. This information can be used to showcase your strengths and interests and help you find a field that suits you. It will reveal areas you find challenging and help you find ways to overcome those challenges. Knowing this information can set you apart from the rest and give you the edge to landing the perfect job.


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