Congratulations! You have just been hired by your new company. You have every right to celebrate and be proud of your amazing accomplishments. Now, let’s help you keep that shiny new job and create some job security to help you be the employee they never want to see leave.


The cost of poor communication can amount to millions of dollars. Getting our message across to others isn’t always easy, and employees can feel the effects throughout the company. Most mistakes are created by instructions not being relayed in a straightforward manner. Have you ever played the game telephone? The more people you bring in, the more the initial message becomes muddled. This is why it is essential to maintain excellent, clear, and constant communication with all of your coworkers and supervisors.

The problem is we all communicate differently. Some of us are proactive communicators, while others are a little more passive. Understanding your communication style can help you improve your communication skills and make you a better communicator overall. How we interact with others is just one of the many areas highlighted in our PIC (Performance, Interpersonal, and Challenges) Report. This unique report analyzes your interpersonal behaviors and gives you an understanding of how you interact and communicate with others. Knowing this information will provide you with a baseline to work with and improve upon. Better communication and better results mean a happier employer!

Alignment of Goals

When you are passionate about something, you want to do your best to achieve your goals to the highest level. So, making your goals align with your company will give you that drive to improve your performance. First and foremost, you have to be honest with yourself: What are you passionate about? Are you goal-motivated, or do you enjoy planning more? The PIC takes a look at your drive and will tell you how you handle tasks and goals. Whether you are a planner or go with the flow and bend and flex where needed, you will understand what motivates you to work. You will be able to better align yourself with your new company.

Second, get to know your new company, and if you haven’t already, look into their mission statement. Once you have that, break it down into smaller goals and find pieces that better align with your own. For example, in a healthcare company, their mission statement maybe along the lines of “delivering quality and compassionate healthcare to our patients safely and cost-effectively.” You can break that down to your specific department. What part of that mission statement reaches out to you and your job? Say you are in the IT department. You can align your goals with quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness for your company by helping implement better safety protocols for patient information. Not only have you contributed to the protection of patients, but you reduce the risk of costly mistakes and increased person-hours without sacrificing quality. Finding something that drives you within the company’s goals will help you keep your momentum and not get burned out too quickly.

Understand your skills and improve them

The company saw something special in you when they chose you. Your skills are valuable, and it is essential to keep refining them to stay sharp and keep up with changes within your field. Ask your company if they have additional education or training programs. Companies that have such programs tend to have a higher retention rate. Your company wants to keep you around. The cost of turnover alone can be enough motivation to look for ways to keep employees. Furthering your education and refining your skills in a training program will show your company that you are willing to learn and be ready for whatever they have for you.

This also goes beyond your job skills. You have a list of strengths and challenges that can also be explored. We already discussed communication, but how about your organizational skills, your ability to work with a team, or how you assess risks and handle criticism? Our PIC Report has you covered. Based on our unique PCB Model, we can analyze and predict behavior based on your individual view of the world. Your personalized report will give you a comprehensive look into the strengths and challenges that affect your work. From there, you can take action and work on each area to hone your professional skills. Taking the initiative to enhance your skills improves job security and boosts morale, keeping you motivated at work. When you are proud of the work you do, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

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