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Team cognition, or how your team thinks as a unit, impacts how your team performs and what your business can accomplish. Learn how to improve team performance by focusing on team cognition.

Cognitive Diversity

The range in types of thinking within a team is called cognitive diversity, according to Forbes. How information is received and processed, and how the world is interpreted varies by individual. Having a diverse group within your team increases the chance that your team will have cognitive diversity as well. It is important to have diverse thinking on a team. Individual members think of information in a different way, increasing the chances of novel ideas and problem-solving within the team. Forbes suggests that cognitive diversity increases innovation by 20% – which is great for your team and your business.

Learn how to harness this diversity. Give everyone on the team a chance to voice their opinions and thoughts. Our assessment is an excellent tool to help you understand the cognitive diversity within your own team. You can learn how to help your team members relate to each other.

Team Cohesion

Team cohesion is a measure that determines how bonded and connected your team is. CFI recommends valuing each team member as an individual to increase their feelings of cohesiveness within the team. Cohesion is improved over time as the team members get to know one another better. Each member must feel that they have a role to play within the team. Our science-based assessment will improve the cohesion within your team. Because of the assessment, your team members will begin to understand how they related to each other and what they contribute to the team as a whole.

Team Cognition

Team cognition is the term used when a team thinks as a unit. Individuals within the team contribute to team cognition. Having a broad scope of cognitive diversity is good for team cognition. When there are various ways to think between members on the team, you’ll end up with more perspectives and ideas. The Harvard Business Review suggests exercises that strengthen the critical thinking skills of your team to improve team cognition. By providing your team with tasks that increase critical thinking, you’re improving the team cognition as a whole. The APA underscores the importance of team cognition, particularly in scenarios where a cohesive team is necessary. For example, space missions can be a life or death situation if the team is not cohesive and thinking as a unit.

There are several ways to measure and improve team cognition. Firstly, see how well your team thinks as a unit by having them complete a task or team building activity together. Then, take note of areas where they run into issues. Improve team cognition and spend time allowing your team to grow together and get to know one other. A cohesive team thinks better as a unit, so work on things that improve team cohesion like team-building exercises. Utilize our assessment to get to know the individual members of your team better, then place your team in a team room. Our team rooms allow you to see at a glance how diverse your team is, how your team perceives the world, and what steps you can take to improve your team function.

Take the time to improve the cognitive diversity within your team, your team cohesiveness, and your team cognition. When you improve each of these key areas, you’ll improve your team’s performance and your businesses.


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