Victoria Sambursky

You probably use apps for everything under the sun from music and games to food delivery, but what about stress at work?

According to the American Institute of Stress, workplace stress costs roughly $602 per worker per year. Luckily, there are plenty of stress management apps to help your team improve their mental fitness and find some much-needed zen. We’ve rounded up the seven best stress-busting apps for teams below – you can thank us later.


Calm is a web-based program and app used for meditation. The great feature of this program is that it allows managers to create a page they can share with their teams – for free. Users can choose different sections to help reduce stress, such as Music, Meditation, and Sleep. The app’s main goal is to help users sleep better, build resilience through mindfulness, and enhance creativity.


This app not only focuses on meditation, but it also helps users to live in the present moment. It’s great to use at work as team members can choose guided meditation sessions of five, ten, or fifteen minutes. The goal of the app is to encourage mindfulness, improve concentration, and increase productivity.


This AI-powered chatbot guides users through moments of stress by using cognitive behavioral principles or therapies. The app invites users to communicate with the chatbot by sending text messages. Woebot asks the user how he/she is feeling for two weeks until it “learns” more about them. The chatbot then responds with skills and strategies by inferring the users’ immediate needs or concerns.


The Happify app helps users reduce stress, anxiety, and negative thinking. Users answer questions that allow the app to suggest a “track.” Tracks are activities based on cognitive-behavioral principles, mindfulness, and psychology. It also comes with an AI coach to help guide team members on their journey to relaxation.


This app offers users guided meditations. It also has mindfulness sessions for working online. This service makes it ideal if your team wants to meditate at work. The unique feature of Buddify is that it allows users to choose how much time they have to complete sessions. Team members can do as much or as little as they need throughout the day.

Mindfulness Daily

Mindfulness Daily offers short meditation sessions sprinkled throughout the day. The app is also created by actual therapists and psychologists. It’s handy for busy teams that want a quick moment of zen during their workday. Users even share stories of how the app has helped them in their everyday lives.

Smiling Mind

This free app has meditation sessions for both children and adults. They are arranged by topics like stress, sleep, sports, and employee well being. Users can keep track of their progress and even save favorite meditations to access them easily at work.

Managing workplace stress is a skill that everyone needs to develop. These seven stress-busting apps are great tools to help improve your teams’ mental health and increase productivity. Want another way to boost your team’s mood? By taking our unbiased assessment, your team members will get to know what causes them stress at work. You’ll learn how to resolve conflicts and improve group communication. This will help you build a stronger team identity and grow meaningful relationships. Just remember, breathe in – breathe out.


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