Sarah Thomas

Trust is what elevates your group to a team. In order to collaborate and work together, you have to trust that each member within the team has the best interests of the team at heart. You must rely on the fact that the other members within your team can be trusted to contribute.

Types of Trust

Capterra says that there are two types of trust within a team and that they are equally important.

The first type is common trust, and this is the type of trust that we use when we give people the benefit of the doubt. We generally have confidence that our team members are good people and won’t lie or steal from us.

The second type of trust is based on vulnerability, and this is the type of trust that we have to build within the team. We have to trust that we can be vulnerable, and make mistakes to learn and grow, without being at risk of losing our status in the team. Teams have to work on building this trust so that members are open to giving this type of trust and receiving this trust in return.

Learn how you can build trust in your team, using these simple steps.

1.      Lead Confidently to Build Trust in Your Team

A confident leader inspires trust, suggests Mindtools. Showcase leadership skills like integrity, decisiveness, responsibility, and trust – and you’ll see these traits reflected back by your team members. Be an example for your team and demonstrate the values and behavior that you wish to see. Trust your team the way that you want them to trust you, and each other. Give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re doing their best, and give frequent, thoughtful praise to build those relationships.

2.      Talk about Trust

Trust can’t be a taboo topic on your team. You need to have open, engaging conversations discussing how you define trust and ways that you can work on building trust between each other, says Forbes. Having a strong company culture makes talking about trust easier because you’ve already laid our trust as an important value to your company.

3.      Build Performance Trust

The Harvard Business Review suggests taking steps to build performance trust – or trust that your team members will perform to the best of their ability. To fully trust your team to perform well, without micromanagement, try these steps:

  • Give them praise for good work

  • Hold them accountable for their responsibilities

  • Check-in frequently and offer support

  • Step in when someone is struggling

4.      Practice Being a Team

Working as a team is a skill that is learned, and it isn’t natural for everyone. Try some team building activities to get your team working as a unit. Take our unbiased, comprehensive assessment to learn more about how each member on your team contributes as an individual. In our Team Rooms, you can see how diverse the thinking is among your team so that you can assign tasks in a way that best fits the whole group.  Get to know each other in situations outside of work as well. Understanding who a person is as a whole is helpful in building a relationship that is trusting.

Try out these simple steps to build trust in your team. Remember – building trust is not a one-time event. Trust needs to be continually nurtured on your team. And in the event that a member breaks that trust, discuss how to move forward with everyone.