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Keeping your team well-oiled makes more a more cohesive, more cooperative, and more productive team. Ultimately, a team that is working well together is happier. Here are some management hacks that you can use to make your team happy.

Plan Purposeful Meetings

Everyone wants to feel that their time is valued – including your employees. Stay mindful of this when you’re planning meetings, and plan meetings with a purpose. Success Fuel for Managers suggests having a purpose and agenda prepared for each meeting that you’re holding – and then sticking to that agenda and staying within the timeframe set for the meeting.  Respecting your employee’s time shows your respect for them as your team members.

Trust Your Team

Trust is what separates a group from a team, so build trust within your team every day. You can build trust in being open and honest with your team members, offering them support, and checking in with them. Leading your team with confidence will also inspire trust from your team members and further work to build trust within your team.

Ditch Micro-Management

No one wants to feel micro-managed during their day, so stop doing it. Give your employees the freedom to get their tasks completed on their own. Ditching the micro-management goes hand-in-hand with trust. If you trust your team members, you trust that they’re capable of getting their work complete within the timeframe that you’ve specified. It is also vital that you’ve built up enough trust that your team feels comfortable coming to you if they’re running into problems completing their work so that you can come to a solution together.

Know Your “Why” as a Leader

Forbes suggests building leadership energy instead of leadership competencies. It would help if you discovered why you’re a leader in the first place before you can determine how to become a better leader. When you’ve got an understanding of why you’re a good leader, you can inspire the same in your team members. Leadership skills are essential throughout your team, and it is up to you as a manager to help your employees develop the purpose behind their careers and jobs.

 Admit When You’re Wrong

Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong. Failure is a part of life, and it is essential to growth. Admitting when you’re wrong shows that you’re human and encourages your team to do the same. Success Fuel for Managers also suggests allowing your team to go in a direction that you think is wrong so that you and your team can all learn from the experience.

Understand Your Team

How well do you understand your team and each person within your team? With our assessment and Team Room, you can truly understand each member of your team so that you can assign them the tasks that would be most suited to their strengths. When you really understand each other, your team works collaboratively and can tackle any project together. Take the time to get to know your team outside of your work as well – ask them about their general life to demonstrate that you value them as a whole person and not just an employee.

What management hacks have you found most helpful for your own team? Let us know!

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