Victoria Sambursky

Are you a remote sales manager with a large team looking to crush quotas? Or a micro-business leading less than six employees? Whatever your size or industry, being armed with the right tools will help remote teams work seamlessly. With so many different apps and software platforms out there – it’s essential to get it right the first time. Here are seven must-have tools for stellar remote team management.


Miro is an online collaborative platform. They describe themselves as “an infinite whiteboard for all your sticky notes.” Users can do anything from brainstorming to creating quick workflows. Managers can collaborate remotely and keep teams synced. The platform also creates customer journey maps, design sprints, and wireframes, useful for remote sales teams. One great feature is that it integrates with popular tools such as Slack, Jira, and Google Suite.


Slack is a free messaging app used worldwide. It can be managed on multiple platforms and allows for unlimited users at the free basic level. Management can communicate with remote teams, share files, and help each other with integrated tools. Project leaders can use private or open channels to plan events and deliverables. HR managers can even use Slack for recruiting, onboarding, and connecting applicant tracking systems. This software also integrates with thousands of apps and services.


ClickUp is a project management tool that allows you to outline processes as project templates and recurring tasks. It gives you templates for functions such as sending a cold email and presenting demos. Managers can even follow different marketing campaign data from clicks to conversions. The activities are visible in real-time. This helps leaders make sure their remote team is following specific processes. You can also see what they did – and what fell flat.


Trello’s boards, lists, and cards allow teams to plan and prioritize projects. This platform also helps management level up their remote team’s productivity. Boards can store resources, schedules, project summaries, and more. For example, a central board allows remote sales teams to find decks, scripts, and resources easily. It even integrates with tools like Salesforce and Google Drive.

Every Time Zone

As their slogan states, “Never warp your brain with time zone math again.” Every Time Zone helps you coordinate time slots across oceans and continents. It saves managers the headache of trying to calculate the best meeting time for all time zones. This allows for easy collaboration with your remote team members and customers across the globe.


Zoom is the go-to platform for video conferencing and online meetings. This tool has features such as screen-sharing options, meeting recorder, and HD video quality. The platform allows you to start or join a meeting across any device.


Brandlive is a live video platform that companies can use to interact with their audience and employees for training, marketing, and business goals. One cool feature is that it can stream to over 20,000 viewers. Users can modify content based on live questions and feedback from the audience. For remote start-ups, this platform can help cut travel costs associated with training, meetings, and events.

One bonus tool to consider for team management is using SUM. By taking our unbiased¬†assessment, you can understand the dynamics of your team and the personality traits of each member. Our real-time analytics and custom reports illuminate the characteristics, strengths, and challenges of your teams. It’s time to be the success that you are meant to be.¬† Whether you’re a micro-business or a large conglomerate, these must-have tools will allow for greater productivity and stellar remote team management.


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