Technology is always evolving, and HR technology is no exception. Finding the right solutions in HR tech helps human resources complete their tasks efficiently, automate their workload, and give their employees an improved experience. Learn the latest trends and what you can expect to see in HR tech in 2021.

Remote Work

Remote work is here to stay. From hiring remotely to managing a remote team, there are plenty of tech options to ease the transition from brick and mortar to digital.  We’re all using Zoom and Slack to stay connected, but there are other HR tech solutions that you can utilize to make remote work easier for your employees. Stay on top of HR tasks with tools like Trello or Asana. Encourage file sharing with cloud-based software like Dropbox or Google Drive.  Try an all-in-one solution like Flock to keep your company connected while working apart. Keep an eye out for technology to trend away from productivity and towards encouraging workers to take breaks, according to SHRM. For remote hiring, use our PIC report to ensure you’re getting the right person in the right role.

Connecting People

While the trend to work away from each other continues, technology will try to bring us together. Watch for software trends that encourage connectivity. In an interview with Human Resource Executive, Lisa Buckingham (executive vice president and chief people, place, and brand officer at Lincoln Financial Group) predicts that HR technology will continue to foster communication more than ever. Her own initiative (with fellow CHROs from Accenture, Verizon, and ServiceNow) is called People + Work Connect. It is a platform used by businesses that are displacing employees and businesses that need to hire so that furloughed or eliminated employees can be recruited quickly by another organization.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DEI initiatives will continue to be an important concept in every organization this year. Fortunately, there are technology solutions that can help you strategize and implement your DEI initiatives. Tools like Exude help you monitor and gauge diversity within your organization. Our Team Room allows you to see the diversity in thinking on your existing team and gives you tips on how to communicate between team members.  Diverst is an ERG software with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Mental Health

Between the ongoing pandemic and economic uncertainty, employees are feeling stressed. The WHO states that for every $1 invested into mental health, you see a $4 return on the investment in productivity. Organizations are increasingly relying on digital applications and tools to provide employees with outlets for mental health.  There are options for every budget and company, from providing mobile apps for stress relief to full-service solutions like SpringHealth.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement remains a trendy topic in 2021. There are new HR tech solutions to engage your employees and keep them engaged. Try platforms like Rallyware that manage onboarding in addition to monitoring employee engagement. Test your culture with an app like Energage that includes a short survey. If you’re into short surveys to monitor engagement, Glint would also do the trick. Officevibe can be integrated with existing communication tools like Slack. Data-loving HR officers will enjoy Engagement Multiplier.

Employer Branding

Your employer brand goes hand-in-hand with your culture. Think of your brand as how you market your company or organization to potential job seekers.  When hiring, your brand is your reputation, and if your brand isn’t great, you won’t attract the best talent. Use tech like Culture IQ to help you strategize, plan, and execute your employer brand across platforms.

Team Building

With teams working from home, collaboration suffers. Lean on technology for teambuilding. Utilize our assessment and mobile or web app to learn more about your team. Discover how your team thinks, how they communicate, and how you handle conflict as a group.


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