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Finding great talent is a crucial part of building a strong team. However, small businesses often struggle with recruitment and hiring because they can not dedicate an entire department to the process as larger businesses can. But that does not mean small businesses can’t attract top talent. It just means it takes small businesses a little more time and effort to find the perfect candidate. Here are three hiring hacks to strengthen your small business’s recruitment processes.

1. Overhaul job descriptions as a hiring hack

Avoid listing every duty within a specific position. Narrow it down to a handful of the major responsibilities. You can give them more details during the interview.

Most small businesses want to recruit talent who not only can do their jobs but who can fit into the company culture. Add a snippet to your description that describes the workplace environment. Let potential candidates know if you offer flexible scheduling or remote work. Then describe the ideal candidate that would thrive with your company. What kinds of personality traits and characteristics should they possess? List them out and make it clear what you are looking for in a potential candidate.

Only mention benefits briefly. They can be discussed in detail during the interview, but 401(k) plans and dental insurance shouldn’t be the focal point of the job description.

Also, remember to emphasize your company culture. Even if it is just a job description, your company should be able to easily reflect what it does throughout the listing. Be yourself, avoid complicated business jargon, highlight major accomplishments (like awards or media mentions), and be authentic.

2. Leverage all available resources

Do not limit yourself to one source for recruiting suitable candidates. You have LinkedIn, Indeed, virtual job fairs, and niche job boards or community sites for your specific industry. Branch out and make use of as many sources as possible to attract the right talent.

There may be some upfront costs, but you will save money and time in the long run. When you have the right tools to recruit quality candidates, you’re able to build and grow a team quickly and efficiently with the talent necessary to move your business forward.

Also, do not avoid hiring fresh graduates. You can train and mold them to fit your company and the position. Investing in them is a great idea because they won’t be defined by habits learned from previous companies, and you can build a talent pool that is dedicated to your company’s success.

3. Emphasize the Company Culture and Values

What’s the best way to attract amazing talent? Show them that your company is the best place to work! According to the Harvard Business Review, culture fit is the glue that holds an organization together. That is why it is a key trait to look for when hiring. The result of poor culture fit due to turnover can cost an organization between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Own your company’s mission and core values, live by them, and hire in accordance with them.

Which hiring hacks have worked best for your small business?

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