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Your personality influences every part of your life, down to what career you choose and how you perform your work. Discover how you can learn more about your own traits, aptitudes, and challenges. Leverage your personality in the workplace to enhance your career, and learn how to work with coworkers that may have a personality that conflicts with your own.


Understanding Your Personality

When you understand your own traits, strengths, and preferences, you can tailor the way you behave in the world to accommodate your personality. For example, if you are detail-oriented and prefer planning, you can change your schedule to fully immerse yourself in a task so that you can understand the details. If you know that you’re a person who has trouble remembering details and tasks, you can adjust your behavior to include routines that help you regulate your schedule to provide you with a checklist that balances your challenges.

In the workplace, it is particularly important to understand your own personality and how it may play into your workplace persona. If your personality traits clash with your company’s culture, you might always feel uneasy and restless at work. When you understand your personality, you can leverage your strengths into a position where your strengths shine. If you understand your own biases and challenges, you can navigate your work to ensure that your challenges don’t deter your career.

How do you know yourself? While traditional personality assessments, like the MBTI or Big 5, may give you a broad view, they don’t fully explain how your thinking impacts your behavior. Our quick and simple assessment is easy to take, and we offer several reports to help you fully understand yourself. The COBI report is designed to give you an overview of your cognitive and behavioral orientation. These orientations influence how you act and can change with your environment.  The PIC report is designed with your career in mind. It offers everything within the COBI report plus specific career advice to guide you while making decisions regarding your career path.

Managing Different Personalities

Not every personality is the right fit for a particular job or team. Managers are tasked with dealing with various personalities, and managing each person on your team is fraught with conflict. While diverse thoughts and personalities to manage may seem like a heavy task, it is good for business. Innovation and creative ideas flow from a company with diverse employees. Diversity, in general, is good for your bottom line.

The best way to manage multiple types of people is to understand each person as an individual first. When you truly understand someone for who they are, you can determine what motivates them. SHRM suggests getting to know your employees during one-on-one sessions and asking them open-ended questions. You can also get to know employees through our assessment and PIC report. The PIC report is tailored to each individual. It gives you an overview of them as a whole person while digging deeper into their strengths, biases, and challenges at work.


Determine How Your Team Functions

Managing individual personalities is complicated enough. But when you combine those individuals into a team, you reach another layer of complications. Team dynamics create new layers of conflict and potential miscommunication between members that must be managed. To manage your team effectively, you need to understand each individual within your team. And, you need to understand how your team functions as a unit.

Get to know each person individually using our assessment and PIC report. Go over the PIC report with each team member to understand their own personal strengths, biases, and challenges.  To understand how you function as a team, utilize our Team Room. Invite each team member to use our Team Room via the web app. The Team Room empowers your team to see how diverse the thinking is within your team. It also gives you tips on how to best communicate with each other. When your team understands how to collaborate and communicate effectively, they can trust one another and work in harmony.


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