Sarah Thomas

It’s difficult enough to work together as a team in person. When you transition to a remote environment, teamwork can feel impossible. Don’t give up hope – you can build an excellent team and improve teamwork virtually using these quick tips.

Start with the Right Tools

Your team can’t work productively in a virtual environment without the right tools. Ensure that everyone on your team has the right software and hardware to get the job done. Your team may need computers, phones, webcams, routers, and other goods to work remotely. They may also need online tools like productivity apps, team assessments, team building tools, and job-specific software.

Check-In Often

Check-In with your team more often than you think you need to. While you don’t want to micromanage your team, you do want to be available to your team and be there to alleviate any issues before they turn into big problems. Forbes suggests trying out creative check-ins to mix things up virtually – such as a “one word” check-in where team members share one word to explain how they’re feeling at the moment. You can check in with your team in a variety of ways, from using communication tools like Slack or meeting over Zoom. Make sure that you’re checking in with your team beyond their workload and projects to ensure that they are feeling secure and managing their workload remotely.

Praise Your Team to Improve Teamwork

Recognition is an essential factor in building a successful team. Your team members deserve to have their hard work recognized and appreciated, particularly in a virtual environment. Inc. suggests creating systems to reinforce praise for your employees so that your virtual team is receiving consistent feedback on their work. Make an effort in your day to praise your team members. Praise them individually or in a group setting, depending on their preferences. Make this a habit so that you’re giving them thoughtful praise regularly. You’ll see that their teamwork and communication will improve over time.

Reinforce a Clear Company Culture

Your company culture should be clear – if it isn’t, work on creating a vision and mission that extends throughout your company from the top down. The values that your company represents should be modeled each day and can be reinforced virtually just as easily as in the office. If your company culture includes honesty, respect, and communication, reinforce those values during meetings and check-ins with your team. Set clear expectations for your employees and team members. Each individual within the organization should understand their responsibilities and expectations.

Keep Them Motivated

Keeping your team motivated can be tricky when you’re all face to face, and it can feel impossible when you’re working far apart. One of the best ways to motivate your team is to ask them, individually, how they’re best motivated. Different people are motivated by various factors, so get to know each persona and what motivates each of them. You can learn more about how to best encourage your team by using our assessment and inviting your team members into a Team Room.

Keep your remote team motivated and moving forward, even in a remote environment. Even while you are working virtually, you can connect with your team on a deeper level. You’ll gain more understanding and create a greater sense of teamwork going forward.

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