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We could all use a little boost to help with our career goals. Whether you’re interviewing for a new job or just hoping to improve your position in your current role, learn one trick that can improve your career in less than 10 minutes today. As a bonus, we’ll tell you some other ways that you can boost your career as well.

Get a PIC of Your Skillset

Here’s the secret – to improve your career, you need to understand not only what you’re good at but why you’re good at it. You need to develop an understanding of yourself that encompasses your strengths, challenges, and biases. To truly excel in your professional life, you need a clear picture of who you are so that you know how to best apply your skills to your work.

We can help. Our quick assessment is the most in-depth tool available on the market, but it’s designed to be simple and easy. Once you’re finished, you can purchase a PIC Report, which highlights your performance style, interpersonal style, and workplace challenges. You’ll gain a deep understanding of your own personality and learn more about the behaviors that result from how you see the world. The PIC report includes a section on Job Suitability. Here, you will learn not only which career is best suited to your strengths, but what tasks within a role you’re most likely to excel at performing.

Once you understand yourself and what skills you’ll excel at, you can focus your career path on the skills that serve you best. If you learn that your personality is motivated by designing and directing, you can steer your career in that direction. Through the PIC Report, you may learn that you’d be great at managing, but you’ve never included that in your career plan before. The PIC Report gives you the direction you need to make career decisions for your future.

Talk With Your Manager

Once you have a clear vision of your strengths and biases and a direction for the future of your career, thanks to the PIC Report, then it’s time to talk with your manager. Gallup recommends having a conversation with your manager to discuss how you can improve your career. You may be able to take on different responsibilities that are more closely aligned with your career path. During the discussion with your manager, ask about delegating tasks that aren’t well suited to your personality type but that may be better suited to someone else. Refer your manager to our Team Room via our web app or mobile app so that they can gain an understanding of their entire team at a glance.

Keep up With Your Industry

Take time to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your field. Monster recommends reading industry blogs or setting up a Google alert to stay on top of any relevant news related to your career. You should also utilize career networking sites like LinkedIn to connect with other professionals in your field and follow companies of interest to you. You may find opportunities in the future that come to you via these connections that you’ve created.

Hone Your Story

Every career tells a story, and Forbes suggests honing your own career story. Take the time to write it down and practice it. When someone asks about the path your career has taken, you then have a clear and succinct answer ready and waiting. When thinking about your career story, focus on the skills that you’ve gained in each job or career along the way and how they’ve made you more engaging and more marketable. Combine this with the valuable information that you’ve learned in the PIC Report, and you (and your career) will be unstoppable.


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