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A good leader can be the difference between a team succeeding or failing. To effectively engage your team, you need to empower yourself with leadership strategies. Discover the leadership strategies that will work best to give your team a boost.

Give Considerate and Frequent Praise

We know that workplace recognition can change brain chemistry and boost your business’s bottom line. Giving your team frequent, thoughtful, and considerate praise will engage your team and encourage them to be more productive. When your team members feel adequately recognized, they also feel respected and valued. Crestcom notes that 96% of employees surveyed are inspired to work harder when given personal praise and recognition. Praise and recognition is a powerful strategy to build employee engagement within your team.

Align Yourself with Your Team

One way to build trust and engage your team is to align yourself with your team. Aligning yourself with your team includes learning how to communicate with your team effectively. Miscommunications and misunderstandings lead to divisiveness and can break apart your team. Harvard Business Review recommends aligning yourself with your team by opening up clear lines of communication and using facilitated conversations to make sure that everyone is heard during meetings. When you align yourself with your team, everyone feels supported and that their leader is on their side. This is an important step to building trust within your team.

Showcase Team Strengths

In his Medium article, Matthew Rosario suggests another important leadership strategy – highlighting strengths within your team. To find the strengths within your team, take the time to get to know how your team members work. Have your team take our assessment and read their PIC reports. The PIC report gives you an overview of each person’s performance style, interpersonal style, and challenges. You’ll learn the innate strengths of each member of your team. You can also view your team as a group using our web or mobile app so that you can see how diverse the strengths are within your team. Once you understand your team’s strengths, recognize them verbally, and use them. Give your team members tasks that play to their strengths, and your entire team will be more productive and successful.

Invest in Your Employees

 To engage your team members and create a more productive team, you need to invest in your employees. Inc. suggests asking about your team member’s career aspirations and keeping this in mind when assigning projects and tasks. If someone on your team has a goal of upward mobility, put them on a path to help them reach their goal. Use the PIC Report to place your employees in roles that suit their strengths. Invest in your employees by allowing them to sign up for conferences, webinars, and industry events that will keep them up-to-date in their fields. Encourage your company to pay for further education and classes to truly invest in your employees and build company loyalty for greater production and longevity.

Learn Management Hacks for a Happier Team

Take the time to learn some management hacks to create a happier team. Try planning more productive meetings so that your team members feel that their time is valued just as much as your time is valued. Begin building trust within your team so that your team members feel that your team is a safe space where they can voice their opinions and thoughts freely. Delegate tasks effectively, which will empower your team to be responsible and create a feeling of ownership over their own work. Work on your team culture, which stems from your company culture. When your team has a strong culture, every member feels secure and understands the expectations of their role, and takes ownership of their part within the team.


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